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Craigslist dating theory
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I think a lot of guys come into the game with some slight delusion. When you first start your goal is just women, to be able to bang women, but what does that even mean? A lot of younger guys think if I say x,y,z I’ll be able to sleep with any woman I want. Plenty will memorize lines, how to open, how to neg, try it on every girl in the bar and hope to score. What happens is that a lot of times guys rush through the lines, don’t really pay attention to the flow and hope it ends in sex. The longer you’re in it the high comes from everything that leads up to the bang. The sex is six times out of ten a let down.


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One of the basic piece of advice I’d give any guy trying to pick up women is to redefine your goal. It’s ok if you want it to be sex or end in sex thats cool. But you have to break it all down in fragments. First realize your biggest obstacle and your best ally is time. If you’re with a group of friends you’ll be at a location for a few hours and someone is going to want to go to another place. If you’re by yourself you’ll still never have enough time to hit on every girl in the bar. Regardless depending on what state you’re in last call is always going to be at a certain time. Knowing this kind of changes who you decide to waste it on.

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This brings us to prey selection. Picking the right girl to game is tricky because it something you have spend years learning to do…… from approaching tons of women. Yes, I know at first this seems counter productive to my first point about timing but stay with me. When I first started hanging out with Roosh in the early years, we turned it into a game. A simple goal of approaching ten women in one night that lead to approaching ten women in one location before we went to the next. This lead to the game of getting three numbers in one weekend which escalated to numbers per night which morphed into something on a whole other level today involving mother daughter combos in a year. But what this did was permanently keep a Sylar like ticking clock sound in the back of your head reminding you of how much time you’re spending on a girl.


But how did this help prey selection, the more women you approach in this manner teaches you to pay attention to all the subtle signs women give off that want to be gamed. You start walking into rooms and you quickly notice the women who break necks and look a second or two too long. You’re looking for wedding bands. You’re paying attention to outfits, you’re noticing how fast drinks are going down. There’s a million little things that will subconsciously start pulling you towards a certain girl to talk to rather than before when you’d waste all night talking with a girl only to find out at the end she’s a lesbian… and not the cool kind that will let you watch. The prey selection becomes a double edge sword because not only do you learn what kind of women to go after, you’ll quickly learn what type of women are attracted to you. If you’re approaching 10-20 women a night out, you’ll quickly start noticing the ones that respond best to you will usually share the same traits in some way. This part can get complicated but the thing is to try and find out is how women really see you not how you assume they see your or how you see yourself (got that). It’s like that one assignment you had in sociology or psychology class where you sit at the quad or cafeteria and your partner hands out a sheet with a list of different words describing a mood, a career, sexuality or whatever. The words are in rows repeated over and over again and no matter if it’s 50 or 100 after you add up all the check marks there’s a great percentile that thinks you’re a future homosexual, republican, cowboy. Oh nobody else got that… um let’s move on!


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